A romantic and fraught space occupied by a character who tries, without skill or forethought, to convince others of his prowess, conviction and trustworthiness. Show at Slete in Culver City, CA in 2017

Graphite on paper drawings and a wall drawing dealing with brazen chumps and self indulgent rustlers, shown at Winston Wachter, Seattle in 2017.

New drawings shown with La Galerie Particulière, Paris and Brussels, as part of the Drawing Now art fair.

An exhibition that mulls our needs, obsessions, battles and corruption of all things aquatic. Shown at Winston Wachter NYC in 2016.

"Hankering for the Past" on view at La Galerie Particulière in Paris from Dec 17, 2015 - Jan 30, 2016. These drawings are steeped in ideals and stereotypes, flawed rescues and laborious repairs of the past and the land. They are invested in scenarios of rehabilitation, management of scene and outcome, fluffing of luxury and the furbishing of heroes and environment. They are wrapped up in duplicitous wavering and sham negotiating as the old meets the new and a clash begins.

The drawings in this section come from smaller projects for fairs (Drawing Now Paris '16, Pulse NYC '16 and commissions for public collections). All are romantic delusions, songs of the land and arguments about American power and history in the midst of rugged beauty. They are homages to places of quiet, laments for their loss and cynical commentaries on the falseness of all we call wild.

"Jurassic" a solo show at Winston Wachter Seattle in 2015 included a wall drawing, a drawing set into the floor of the gallery and works on paper.

"Agglomerate" at Slete Gallery in Culver City, CA examined temperature shifts, masses of water, ice and environments and spaces where humans are small players amongst large changes. The show included a wall drawing in Sharpie and a boat, a collaborative project with Mic Billingsley.

Drawings at La Galerie at La Galerie Particulière Brussels in response to Gabriel García Márquez's novel 100 Years of Solitude

"State Flag" opened at Winston Wachter in New York City on April 10th, 2014. These drawings take a cynical view of statehood and the symbols of regional identity.

"American Ego" included drawings, small sculptures and videos, and centered around discussions of bluster, idealism, romance and stereotype through a cynical retelling of US history.

An ongoing collaboration between Master Printer Sharon Lee and Ethan Murrow that started at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, NM and has continued at the Graphic Studio Dublin, Ireland

New drawings, wall drawings and an installation from an exhibition at the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences in Charleston, WV in summer and fall of 2013 all of which considered the strength and flaws of a view from above.

Spring 2012 show of drawings, videos and objects at Obsolete in Venice, CA

New drawings that mull over Freud, shown at Art Paris in March 2012 with La Galerie Particulière.

September 2011 show at Winston Wachter in NYC

Spring 2011 show in Paris at La Galerie Particulière in Paris

Improbable Stories

The proudest heroine

A flawed aerial experiment

A community who believe dust is a valuable resource

Brothers who claim Narwhal Whales are in the St. Lawrence river

The Anti-Wright Brothers mis-adventure

Searches gone wrong